Battle of the ‘I’ bulge

Pip Adam wrote in her Writing Journal in 2007 – Turbine

“I keep thinking about how first person narrative seems to have gone out of fashion with me a bit. I think it can only say one thing, which is something like this: ‘I am wrong about myself’. ‘You are a better person and you will see all the ways I am wrong about myself’. Hmm. Yeah, I feel that’s it basically. I think sometimes it can say ‘you are wrong about me, but not very often. I don’t think it can say ‘you are wrong about you’. I will test this thing at some point.”

Immediately I recognize the bulges of intimacy I’m so fascinated with when considering the voices in my writing and their relationship and proximity to the reader. Is it poignant to say ‘these voices are as wrong as you want them to be, and your’s is as wrong as they need it to be’. What is the connection between empathy and resistance to identification – even with one’s own reading voice? How am I going to get the reader to hear their reading voice? I think I need to start with a process of translation – of a ‘you’. Putting your words into my words?

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