Life: Field research

Set yourself small tasks to start with.

– Take a long walk with gravity

take a hand, two if you think it’ll help;
no need to be modest at this point in the game.

Exercise anything inbuilt – lizardry, skin-changeability –

if you don’t have a chameleon you should get access
to one, even if its just a t-shirt,

this proves very near to winding up human.

Set yourself another small task.

– Take on extra blood

Become fuller than when you started out, you know blood,
how in your hands it weighs more at the end of a walk
than it did before, and you raise each palm up, strangely
upwards, you might be tempted to sniff the heaviness
for a chemical change, like you would the inside

of a dish washing glove; for factors like finger-room, powdery glue,
the innate ability to simply look at something sharp
and take on fluid through the hygienic barrier and
its pink or lemon or unnaturally sky blue law.

Now you are ready to take things to the next level.

– Take up information at the speed of light

Some say it’s the things that sink in the slowest that
get us in the end, but I say jumping

to conclusions really cripples us, the way we let ghosts tag along and
pull them abruptly into our glands when frightened,
allowing them to freely circulate chronology
and secrete all the men and women we never knew we possessed, like snow-drifts,

ruining the carpet, the children, especially that image of yourself you once formed an intense friendship with – even though you don’t talk anymore it hurts, as hurt makes transparent our strangers, our promenades, our Christmas lights, our jogging shoes,
our wet areas, our inner plankton that is the only froth
at the mouth to gain the respect of others.

stains pick their teeth, these claws we keep
inside ourselves for when light changes
and we have the means to retract them all the way back to times

You know it; you’ve made it to the big STUFF.

– Take what’s left into your hands


One comment

  1. pansmith · April 26, 2008

    I LOVE this poem rachel
    it reminds me of these people, do you know them?

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