Life: Summation of shadows

Think Big.

– Take a smoker’s jog with indignity

take a foot, one more if you think it will get you going;
essentially be exultant at this point in the game.

Sit a couch-potato on anything supernatural – rocket science, skin imperfections;

if you don’t have a damaged good you should get access
to one, even if its just a leg in board shorts,

this proves very near to winding up historically human.

Set yourself another bubonic task.

– Take on extra silence

Become whinier than when you started out, you know silence,
how in your ears it thins more at the end of a whisper
than it did to start with, and you prick each lobe up, strangely
upwards, and you might be tempted to blow
an ear drum, the inside of a cave dwelling;
there are factors like finger-painting, sticky fire,
the innate ability to look at something rounded
and take in stone through the earthly tumour
and its ochre or mint or natural blood sucking bylaw.

Now you are ready to take things down a notch.

– Take hold of the lame foot of darkness

some say it’s the things that erupt the fastest that

get us in the end, but I say blocking out half-heartedness really cripples us, the way we let humans tag along and shove them gently out if our bloodstream when joyous,
allowing them to chain themselves or electrocute small things,
and suck up to all the boys and girls they knew they abandoned that time in the heatwave,

leaving you to clean the dishwasher, the grownups, especially that image of bought tomato sauce you once formed an intense friendship with – even though you don’t shut-up anymore, it’s orgasmic, as orgasms make unclear our familiars, our short walks, our casseroles, our tea-cosy’s, our dry areas,
our inner hoot of owls, this being the only leak, like the tummy button, to gain the indifference of others.

clearings hover in their skin, these pads we keep outside ourselves for when darkness acclimatises and we have the short-straw to insert, like official sponsors, all the way this time, the dreamed-of colonoscopy of ever expanding eternity.

You know it; you’ve made it to the nitty-gritty.

– Take the conundrum from under your feet.


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