So I got stuck again

So I got stuck again and then was reading this in the IIML newsletter:

“One excellent metaphor per page is much much better than eight fairly good metaphors on a page. Watch out for adverbs, don’t use them too much. Don’t write a character according to your first thought about how the character should be, because that’s probably a cliché. Take the cliché and turn it round. A bank robber shouldn’t be tough, mean and scarred, they should be gay and Welsh. That’s a good fresh bank robber. Sam Goldwyn said, “What we need here are some brand new clichés!” Invent brand new clichés.”

– David Mitchell

Desperately trying to go cold-turkey from weekly exercises I coudn’t help myself and like a wimpering pathetic adict I made up my own:

Write a poem and then turn the images into opposites/alternatives.

So up next is the ‘exercise’, Versions 1 and 2.

p.s. that thing about limiting the metaphors, might not be so generative in poetry, a bad metaphor can work wonders…though it would be an interesting proposition to debate one day if we all get really bored or run out of biscuits – eek, what a thought!

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