All Well Afloat back online

Today is as good a day as any to launch some fresh posts. It is late 2009 but not too late.

New writing

If you would like to read the short prose story ‘A living spring’ it is here on the Blackmail Press site in their shiny new online Rebel Issue. I have a poem called ‘Embarking on her other names’ coming out in the Brief 38 journal so keep your eyes peeled if this appeals. In old news, head to the Turbine 08 page for a story called ‘Evolving’.

Also if you’re interested in art writing you can find my brand new prose review for the current exhibition Role dot Play featuring Vivian Lynn, Erica Sklenars, and Justine Walker, at Enjoy Public Art Gallery. Search the Enjoy archives for more writing, including the exhibition T & G Building and an interview with Eve Armstrong.

Newer writing

I’m finishing up a collection of writing I began in 2008. Whether the writing is prose or poetry is not so important right now – I’m focused on creating sharply focused dramatic situations through character, narrative, and tight-rope adventures in language (that is, I am exploring territory that someone described to me as ‘language as texture and language as meaning’).

I hope to post some observations and some writing as I go.

Thanks for joining this All Well Afloat caravan, pausing at watering holes, and wearing sunscreen.



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