New bit Like bit

A bit of something or somethings that have excited me recently:

1) Finding out about artist Jill Magid who aims to bring things that are far away closer to her body, and who says, ‘when in love I separate a someone from the everyone.’

2) Checking out the website blog Book By Its Cover which has loads of great book-art and book-design stuff.

3) This image by Jamie Lumley:

The Tooting Bec Lido in south London, which ‘is the largest pool in the UK at 91.44 metres long and 30.18 wide. Dating back to 1906, it was a built by unemployed people living in the area. The pool is open to the public from May to September; the rest of the year you can only swim if you are a member of the South London Swimming Club, which has managed the lido during the winter months since the 1990s.’

One comment

  1. Jamie Lumley · January 6, 2011

    The image of Tooting Lido with DEEP is one of my images which was licenced via Film London for Open House to use.

    Could you please change the credit to read Jamie Lumley

    best regards


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