Kindness and exuberance

It was a while back that I saw Josie Long perform at BATS Theatre in the NZ comedy festival – a friend of mine had recommended I see her show after meeting her in Auckland. Comedians always fill my imagination in a special way – for me comedians are often great chameleons, constantly poised at the edge of transformation, hovering just long enough for perception of one form to materialize then bury itself in the lungs of the audience again, kicking up swirls of muddy laughter or painful crystals of hilarity that keep the jaw primed – Josie’s set had some great narrative elements to it, I recall a parable-like quality to the show that seemed to build on certain narrative splinters that veered off into wonderful groves lit by a misguided group of animals caught between leisure poses and attempts at pictorial correctness. Her website is a great place to start if you feel like more info or catching one of her gigs: Josie Long



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