Calf Club 1989

Played out against a backdrop of pre-teen animal husbandry, Calf Club 1989 is the story of a sister and brother grappling with an unexpected familial revelation.

On Paper Radio:
Story: Rachel O’Neill
Voice: Jessie Borrelle
Illustration: Polly Dedman
Sound design: Jon Tjhia
Engineered and edited by Jessie Borrelle and Jon Tjhia; additional voice by Lyn Gallacher, with thanks to Nadia McDonald and Paulina de Laveaux

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Found poem

11:20 11/06/2010

Rihanna wants more black

fashion models UK teens taught to

wear high heels Fined nearly $1800

for buying a $12 fake Sarah Jessica Parker

pays tribute Log on to get your man undies

Big bucks for Diana’s racy black dress Too

curvy for the catwalk? No way Lagerfeld quit

teaching over ‘pretentious’ students Fashion’s plus-sized

double standards PETA calls Brooke Shields a ‘fur pimp’