With sympathy

Lately I’ve been working on a YouTube-based art project called ‘With sympathy’, a series of web episodes that follow the trials and tribulations of an heiress to a greeting card empire. You can follow its development on the project website ‘It’s Rachel O’Neill Calling:


Here are descriptions of the first five episodes:

Episode one: Q&A
An interview takes place between a woman who is a recent heir to a greeting card empire and an ambitious up-and-coming writer. The loss of her legal guardians makes the interviewee a bit discombobulated and she discusses spying, disguises, and the perversity of compassionate truth. The interviewer uses the word ‘like’ a lot.

Episode two: Mustache
The woman slash greeting card heiress has a dream about a limber mustache.

Episode three
Soon after the mustache dream the greeting card heiress signs up for a kind of hydrotherapy that takes place in heated baths installed in tent-like structures. ‘Tent’ therapy aims to push spiritual boundaries and the participants jokingly call the enclosures the ‘tents of non-denial’. She has another dream, this time it has a sinister watery feel, with Dadaists and surrealist accents. Perhaps because she had just finished reading Surrealist Photography with Introduction by Christian Bouqueret (Thames & Hudson 2008).

Episode four
A therapy session reveals the greeting card heiresses real business agenda, as well as her troubled state of mind as she faces change in her personal life.

Episode five

New initiatives in the area of greeting card audio are explored (in private).

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