Taster of something new

I’m starting a new film/art project loosely called ‘The particle in residence’ that builds on the character-based performance and video work I do. Here is a still from a short film I made recently called Mirror stage ​(2015): Mirror stage YouTube still Here we witness the rare phenomena of the Higgs boson gazing at itself in the mirror for the first time. The development of characters in my work creates a starting/locus point that I can return to as the conceptual and contextual ground of a project evolves. I source characters from the real-world, such as Stephen Hawking, and create others, such as ‘L’, a person who writes letters to Barbara Cartland and gives her tips about how to write space-romances. I also develop characters out of abstract concepts or scientific fields of enquiry, such as ‘Higgs boson’, which is what I’m focusing on at the moment. Like my past work, ‘Love Letters to Stephen Hawking’ in which I conflated ideas of deep space and black plastic rubbish bags (aka black holes), ‘The particle in residence’ is similarly speculative and absurdist. During the project I will develop a human-like consciousness and life for the boson. I see the particle as an ancient yet new ‘visitor’ to the contemporary world, a quick-study of the human condition, but also an entity that doesn’t quite fit in; that is different, and that must learn the rules of normality and abnormality. Together me and the Higgs boson will explore specific aspects of the human condition through the tragic-comic lens of identity. We’ll aim to mix archetypes and stereotypes with singular and ‘untranslatable’ experiences of self and collective. Wish us luck!

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