Gathered together in a disorganised or unruly way: drawing exercise

I’m gearing up to complete a short graphic essay and thought I would try to draw people from photographs of crowds (people gathered together in a disorganised or unruly way!) for a bit of practice and to expand my vocabulary of body language.

Here are a few examples. These are depictions of people photographed in a public square in Budapest in 1900 by a photographer called Klosz Gyorgy. Aparently he liked to take photographs while standing on top of his dark room AKA his truck. I’m not sure if this was the case here, but I like to think that he shouted out to those gathered in the public square, slightly interrupting their business, though able to capture them before they could self-consciously pose. It’s a little strange that everyone is looking up and in the same direction and yet still mid-stride: