Longing to heal her marriage, a woman initiates a unique act of mourning that risks destroying her fifty-year relationship.

2020. A short drama, 07.44 mins.

Script workshopped at the 2017 Aotearoa Short Film Lab.

Starring Hilary Norris and Peter Tait, with cinematography by Pikihuia Haenga.


Rachel is developing feature films, episodic series and short film projects. 


  • 2021 Sundance Development Track, 2nd round of consideration for UNDERGROUND FIRES
  • 2020 Sundance Development Track, 2nd round of consideration for UNDERGROUND FIRES
  • 2019 Masons Screen commission, CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video
  • 2018 SEED Grant, New Zealand Writers Guild/New Zealand Film Commission
  • 2017 Aotearoa Short Film Lab, Show Me Shorts/Script to Screen
  • 2014 International Residency Programme, RM Gallery, Auckland


  • 2021 Tone workshop with Rob Sarkies, DEGNZ
  • 2020 Directing Actors with Miranda Harcourt, DEGNZ
  • 2019 Directing In the Intimate Zone, workshop by Louise Leitch – Christchurch
  • 2019 Directors Toolkit with Charlie Haskell – Wellington
  • 2019 Howard Fine Masterclass, participant director, DEGNZ, Auckland
  • 2019 WriteRoom Residency for feature film development, Toi Pōneke, shortlisted
  • 2018 Masterclasses, incl. Mark Travis, Debra Granik, Rachel Perkins & Katherine McRae
  • 2018 WriteRoom Residency for feature film development, Toi Pōneke, shortlisted
  • 2017 Short film showcase, Circuit: Artist Film and Video
  • 2017 Directors Toolkit with Danny Mulheron, DEGNZ, Wellington
  • 2016 Genre workshop series with Steve Barr and Casey Whelan, EAT Wellington
  • 2016 48HOURS 2016, team FEARLESS RADICAL LIFE, Wellington
  • 2016 ‘Write from your life’ & ‘Web series’ workshops with Ness Simons, EAT Wellington
  • 2015 Directing actors workshop with I​an Hughes, ​DEGNZ, A​uckland
  • 2014 Directing workshop with Jason Stutter, DEGNZ, Auckland
  • 2012 ‘With sympathy’, ​6-episode experimental web series creator
  • 2012 Nine of Hearts,​ ​directed by Briar Grace Smith, Art department assistant


2021 Flat Earthers, digital exhibition & publication, edited by John Lake & Raewyn Martyn

2019 Not my autobiography?​ Hand-animated collage, Digital Video, Sound, 6 minutes, Masons Screen commission, Wellington City Council/CIRCUIT Artist Film & Video, NZ

2018 ‘Wattpride’ in ​Margins & Satellites ​by Ella Sutherland, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, NZ

2018 ‘Her tongue’ in ​Not standing still​ publication by Raewyn Martyn, Blue Oyster, NZ

2017 ‘Abnormal tides’ in ​Edward Hines National Forest Use Book ​by Raewyn Martyn

2017 Among other things, I’ve taken up smoking​, group show curated by Jesse van Oosten, featuring All the Cunning Stunts (AtCS), TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2016 Calling,​ single channel video work,, SafARI Festival, Sydney, AUS

2016 Woahmanchester​ by All the Cunning Stunts (AtCS), The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ

2015 Girls & Ponies,​ featuring AtCS, group show curated by Nathalie Hartjes, Nieuwe Vide Artspace, Haarlem, NL

2014 ‘On Collaboration’, AtCS page work in ​Kaokao: Mata Aho Collective​, edited by Mata Aho Collective, Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington, NZ

2013 Against Prevailing Winds,​ Courtenay Place Park Light Boxes, Wellington, NZ

2012 ‘​The Gayze Off!!!’​ by ​AtCS,​ curated by Bruce Phillips, Te Tuhi billboards, Auckland, NZ

2012 Caves are made of rock but not this cave,​ with Sian Torrington and Joan Flemming, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, NZ

2010 All the Cunning Stunts​, curated by Mary-Jane Duffy, Light Boxes, Wellington, NZ

2009 A tradition of immediacy​, Arts Centre Christchurch, NZ

2008 Lightweight​, group show, rm103 Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2008 Artist Film Festival​, touring NZ Film Archive, Govett-Brewster, The Physics Room, NZ

2007 Some kind of fiction, some kind of fact​, Engine Room, Wellington, NZ

2007 An Introduction to the Theory of Everything,​ new artist show curated by Jessica Reid, Hirschfeld Gallery, Wellington City Gallery, NZ


2007 Continuous Memory​, curated by Thomasin Sleigh, High Street Project, NZ

2006 Hallways of Lives,​ curated by Marnie Slater, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, NZ