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Rachel’s extensive track-record and experience as a writer, visual artist and collaborator fuels her film work. She seeks out fresh ways to see and understand the human condition. Her work strives to unearth humour, candour and strangeness in human experience and her interests straddle a wide range of genres.


“The particular point of view I bring to story and filmmaking is one I take seriously and that, more often than not, comes into the world in various irreverent comedic forms.

“I believe that we become who we are through relationships and connections with others in the world. Our identity, mind, body and spirit is shared and carried by many people, past and present; who we are is leant depth and nuance by the identities, imaginations and realities of people we know, or have never met yet are connected to by thought, action, story and memory.

“Together we generate beginnings that grow out of beginnings, that lead to fresh beginnings. We must take responsibility for the beginnings we shape, as well as our intentions and the new beginnings that spring from these.

“History and memory are in the hands of the living. It is our responsibility as storytellers to make meaningful and challenging connections with the past. It is vital we continue to tell our stories to understand who we were, are and want to become.

“For me, storytelling is the most powerful way human beings can strip away assumptions, everything we think we know, and see and understand the world with fresh senses, energy and attention.”

Screenwriting and Directing development

  • 2017 Aotearoa Short Film Lab, Show Me Shorts/Script to Screen, Auckland
  • 2017 Director’s Toolkit with Danny Mulheron, DEGNZ, Wellington
  • 2016 Genre workshop series with Steve Barr and Casey Whelan, EAT Wellington  
  • 2016 48HOURS 2016, team FEARLESS RADICAL LIFE, Wellington
  • 2016 Short Film Workshop, Script to Screen, Wellington
  • 2016 ‘Write from your life’ short film workshop series with Ness Simons, EAT Wellington
  • 2015 ‘Web series’ workshop series with Ness Simons, EAT Wellington
  • 2015 Rehearsal Room, DEGNZ (Rehearsal as director), Wellington
  • 2015 Directing actors workshop with Ian Hughes, DEGNZ, Auckland
  • 2014 Directing workshop with Jason Stutter, DEGNZ, Auckland
  • 2014 Rehearsal Room, DEGNZ (Rehearsal as director), Wellington
  • 2012 With sympathy’, web series:
  • 2012 Art department assistant, Nine of Hearts, directed by Briar Grace Smith


Four feature film scripts, a TV series, and two short film scripts.


Solo exhibitions

Continuous Memory, High Street Project, Christchurch 2007

Hallways of Lives, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington 2006

Recent group exhibition and work

2016 F+ (A family Genre Comedy), ‘Girls Like Us: Her family, nuclear and queer’, page works, ‘Girls Like Us’ magazine, EU

2016 Woahmanchester: A road movie of intrepid dimensions, The Physics Room, Christchurch, NZ

2015 Girls & Ponies, All the Cunning Stunts (AtCS), Nieuwe Vide, NL

2014 On Collaboration, (AtCS) page work in Kaokao by Mata Aho Collective, Wellington, NZ

2012 The Gayze Off!!!, (AtCS), curated by Bruce Phillips, Te Tuhi, Auckland, NZ

2012 Against Prevailing Winds, Courtenay Place Park Light Box Exhibition, Wellington, NZ

2012 Caves are made of rock but not this cave, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, NZ

Selected exhibition 2004-2012

If + Trust (intervention), (AtCS), Magic Bar, Rotterdam, NL

AtCS HISK Open Studios 2012, (AtCS), HISK, Gent, BE

F+++, by All the Cunning Stunts, Magic Bar, Rotterdam 2012

So Gay! by All the Cunning Stunts publication launch and exhibition event, The Russian Frost Farmers, Wellington 2011

All the Cunning Stunts, in collaboration with Liz Allan, Clare Noonan and Marnie Slater, Courtenay Place Park Light Boxes, Wellington 2010/2011

A tradition of immediacy, Observatory Art Room, Arts Centre Christchurch, 2009

Lightweight, rm103 Gallery, Auckland 2008

Artist Film Festival, NZ Film Archive, Govett-Brewster, Physics Room tour 2008

Some kind of fiction, some kind of fact, Engine Room, Massey University 2007

An Introduction to the Theory of Everything, Michael Hirschfeld Gallery 2007

yourereallydifficultolivewith, rm103 Gallery, Auckland 2005

Wallace Art Awards Exhibition, Auckland and Wellington 2004

Cuckoo: Resistance Through Rituals, Westpace Gallery, Melbourne, 2004


2014 International Residency Programme at RM gallery in Auckland (Six weeks)


All the Cunning Stunts (Liz Allan, Clare Noonan, Rachel O’Neill and Marnie Slater) 2010 – present. AtCS work in New Zealand and Europe. Their work is inspired by the contemporary politics of representation and the group actively focus on queer representation, identity politics and the dynamics of individual and collective public and private life.

Caves are made of rock but not this cave, a collaboration between Sian Torrington, Joan Fleming and Rachel O’Neill, Blue Oyster Project Space, Dunedin 2012

Art publications

So Gay! by All the Cunning Stunts (Rachel O’Neill, Liz Allan, Clare Noonan and Marnie Slater) published December 2011, designed by the International Office

Over Under and Around, Enjoy Gallery’s second occasional journal, published December 2011, designed by Spencer Levine (Co-edited by Rachel O’Neill and Thomasin Sleigh)

Continuous Memory, artist book, High Street Project 2007

Canary Annual  2007, Canary Gallery, Published 2007 (Co-edited by Rachel O’Neill and Paula Booker)

Love Letters to Barbara Cartland, artist book, Enjoy Gallery 2006

Crease Magazine Issues 1-4, Auckland 2003-2005 (Co-edited)

Love Letters to Stephen Hawking, artist book, Elam Graduate Exhibition 2004


Enjoy Public Art Gallery Trust, Wellington 2007-2009


Wallace Art Awards 2004 finalist


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