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One Human in Height_coverBook

One Human in Height published by Hue & Cry Press, 2013:

‘… In terms of filmic process, it’s like jump cuts…She’s one of those people that straddles the visual art world and the written art world, if you like…I think that really informs the writing too, it has a really strong visual register… I think this a magnificent piece of writing…’ Gregory O’Brien, Saturday Morning, Radio NZ

‘This is a glorious debut. These poems show the way you can hold any occasion, object, person or place in your mind and, like a prism, watch it shimmer and shine with little stories that hook tufts of truth and fabrication, self and knowing, illusions and strange kinks, and everyday bric-a-brac. I am in love with this book.’ – Paula Green

This blog

This blog began its life in 2008 as an online writing journal, which I kept as part of the MA in Creative Writing that year. It continues to feature posts about my work, projects and interests.

Competitions and anthologies

Best New Zealand Poems 2013 and 2011

Highly Commended story in the inaugural The Long and The Short of It competition, judged by Bill Manhire, Elizabeth Knox and Emily Perkins.

Publishing history

Capital Magazine, Cordite Poetry Review, Sweet Mammalian, Pānui Poetry Posters/Australia & NZ Festival of Literature & ArtsBest American Poetry blog, New Zealand edition, Minarets Journal, Hue & Cry 8 and 7, Brief 46, Hue & Cry 6, Best New Zealand Poems 2011, Turbine 2011, Takahe 72; The Long and the Short of It competition book, published by Sport and Unity Books; JAAM 28; Digital Bridge; Paper Radio (AUS/NZ); Hue and Cry Issue 4; Turbine 09; Brief #38; Blackmail Press Issue 25; Turbine 08; Enjoy Journal Issue 1; Hue and Cry Issue 1; Negative Space; The John Dory Report; OBAN 06; Natural Selection 5#

Magazine and journal editor

Booknotes Unbound, produced by the New Zealand Book Council; Booknotes quarterly, New Zealand Book Council, co-edited by Emma Gallagher and Sarah Forster, 2012-2013; Enjoy Journal #2, Over Under and Around, co-edited by Thomasin Sleigh, 2011; Canary Annual, Canary Gallery, co-edited by Paula Booker, 2007; Crease Magazine Issues 4, 3, 2, 1, co-edited by Susie Pratt, Eve Armstrong, Chloe Lane, 2003-2005

Magazine features and reviews

Various reviews and art features for Metro, ArtZoneBooknotes and Kava Club. Book reviews for Radio New Zealand.

Selected critical writing

‘The artist came from Hong Kong’, Lee Kit Summer Residency 2007-08, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 2010; ‘Requiem for set’, Vivien Lynn, Justine Walker, Erika Sklenars, Enjoy, 2009; ‘Wish-accident’, Raewyn Martyn and Noel Ivanof, Landings, Enjoy, 2008; ‘Silence never smelt so good’, Tim Coster and Gaelen Macdonald: T&G Building, Enjoy, 2007; ‘The work of Susie Pratt’, Canary Annual, 2007; ‘Good willing’, Eve Armstrong Interview, Enjoy Catalogue, 2006; ‘To Ebb and Flo’, Kate Wheelan, Crease Magazine Issue 3, 2004; ‘Tiong Ang Interview’, 3rd Auckland Triennial, Crease Magazine Issue 2, 2004; ‘Fridge Meets Art’, Group show, Starkwhite, Crease Magazine Issue 1, 2003


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