Best New Zealand Poems 2011

It was very exciting to learn that my poem ‘Early Growth’ was selected for Best New Zealand Poems 2011, along with 24 other poems deemed worthy by this year’s editor Bernadette Hall. Check out Best New Zealand Poems 2011 here. One of the most moving poems chosen is Michele Leggott’s ‘Olive’, a tribute to those who lost their lives and who lost loves ones in the Pike River mine disaster.

Leggott comments: ‘The Pike River coalmine exploded 19 November 2010 with consequences that will persist in the tightly knit communities of the West Coast for a long time to come. Twenty-nine miners lost their lives, and the voices of investigators into the causes of the disaster are still in our ears and on our screens. The guide dog who arrived as the horror of the explosions played out is my loyal companion in a world that darkens physically but does not crush or sever living bonds. My poem walks the first two weeks of Pike River, which were also the moment of her arrival.

Read ‘Olive’ here.

The 2012 editor of BNZP will be New Zealand’s current Poet Laureate Ian Wedde.

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